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payment at > 250 acfc  





(Last 12 months valid purchase)


(Full-priced items only)




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100.000 VND = 1 point

enjoy games, exchange coupons (WEBSITE & APP)

discount 20% (full-priced items only)

spending from 15.000.000 vnd to less than 40.000.000 vnd

5% off total bill

100.000 VND = 1 point

enjoy games, exchange coupons (WEBSITE & APP)

discount 20% (full-priced items only)

spending from 40.000.000 vnd to less than 80.000.000 vnd

5% off total bill

100.000 VND = 3 points

1 point = 1.000 vndRedeem points for in-store or online purchases

discount 30% (full-priced items only)

spending from 80.000.000 vnd to less than 120.000.000 vnd

10% off total bill

100.000 vnd = 5 points

1 point = 1.000 vndRedeem points for in-store or online purchases

discount 30% (full-priced items only)

spending from 120.000.000 vnd

10% off total bill

100.000 vnd = 10 points

1 point = 1.000 vndRedeem points for in-store or online purchases

discount 30% (full-priced items only)

regulations and informations


Members are allocated to tiers on the basic, if their Spend Balance accumulate across our ACFC retail stores, online ‘acfc.com.vn’ and ‘mothercare.com.vn’ as depicted in the table above.

On each Member’s Anniversary (*12-month period), a Member’s status will be determined by the Member’s Tier Spend Balance and the Member will be depended on the Member’s Tier Spend Balance, either retain their Member Status or be moved to a different tier.

Discount Offer is allocated on the basic of your tier level and is only applied for full-price products.

Members can earn points when completing an in-store transaction by presenting their loyalty card or logging into their online member account before making online payment.

Net amount of Valid Purchase: Actual payment amount after any discount/promotional applications less than 30%.

For example, you buy a product price 1.000.000 VND. After 10% discount, the final amount is 900.000 VND and you earn 9 points.

Standard exchange rate: 100.000 VND = 1 reward point. Reward point is accumulated on the basic of your tier level.

Exchange rate: 1 reward point = 1.000 VND. Apply only for Gold, Platinum, Diamond tiers and for in-store or online purchases. Not applicable for purchase of discounted value equal or higher than 50%.

Point expiration: Earned points during the year will be valid until the end of February of the following year.

For example, all points earned in 2023 (from January to the end of December 2023) will be valid until February 29, 2024.

Members will receive a Happy Birthday message with a discount code of 20% (Member, Silver) or 30% (Gold, Platinum, Diamond), which can be used during your birthday month.

For example, if you were born in October, the promo code will apply from receiving the message to the end of October 31.

To be eligible for the promotion, members must have registered their date of birth on the system and have a total spending of at least 1.000.000 VND in the last 12 months. Please note that this total spend does not include any orders with discount codes for Birthday Promotion.

The promo code is only applicable for full-price products and can only be used once for a single bill under 10 million VND at one of the brands/ stores under ACFC management.

At Mothercare stores, members can enjoy a discount of 20% (Member and Silver) or 30% (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) for Mothercare products only, other brands are only eligible for a maximum discount of 10%.

The promo code is not applicable to Outlet store systems and cannot be used online.

Customers must provide a message with the promotion code and identity card or driving license before paying at the cashier.

ACFC Loyalty Program is not applicable for store in Noi Bai International Airport, Ha Noi.

Discounts for Members only apply to full-priced products and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

Only applies to customers with ACFC membership card. To be authenticated to apply the promotion at the store, please present your Membership card or ID card/other identified documents to the staff before paying at the store.

In any cases, the ACFC’s final decision will prevail.


What's new in the 2023 loyalty program?
Earn points at all ACFC brands (Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Dockers, Banana Republic, Fcuk, Cotton On, Mothercare, Owndays, Gap, Oldnavy, Ovs, Fitflop, Sunnies Studios, Swarovski, Typo, Parfois, Mango, Polo).
Use points to shop at the store or website.
Play games and get rewards at websites and apps.
What benefits are entitled to as a member of ACFC?

Join the ACFC Loyalty program and get these benefits:

Earn points at all ACFC stores and online.
Use points to pay for shopping (for card classes: Gold, Platinum, Diamond).
Get benefits from the Happy Birthday program.
Get more privileges as a VIP member. Get a chance to get many great discount codes from ACFC brands.
What is the Membership Rating Policy like?

The program has 5 member segmentations, from low to high: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Member levels are based on how much you spend in 12 months (VND), as follows:

Member Level: for customers who spend less than 15 million.
Silver Level: for customers who spend from 15 million to less than 40 million.
Gold Level: for customers who spend from 40 million to less than 80 million.
Platinum Level: for customers who spend from 80 million to less than 120 million or more.
Diamond Level: for customers who spend 120 million or more.

Each member level has a point rate and different perks.

For online orders, points will go to your member account within 24 hours after the order is delivered.

You can use the new member offer when you get a message from ACFC.

The member card level lasts for 12 months from when you upgrade.

How to accumulate points?
To join, make a member account at the ACFC store or on the website. After you sign in, share your phone number with the staff or log in on the website before you pay for your order.
You collect points for how much you buy: 100.000 VND = 1 point.
How much you buy is what you pay after discounts and discounts.
Member: x1 point
Silver: x1 point
Gold: x3 points
Platinum: x5 points
Diamond: x10 points
You won't collect points for 50% or more discounts or ACFC programs.
How to use points?
Point value: 1 point = 1.000 VND.
Use points to play games, get rewards (at website & app).
Use points to shop at the store or website (only for Gold, Platinum, Diamond cards).
Points only work for up to 50% off the bill (including other discounts).
Points earned in a year will expire at the end of February next year.
Points earned when shopping will show up in your member account right away.
Your points will be taken away after you use them.
Please ask to use points before paying.
How to check the accumulated points?

You can check your points in these ways:

Website: sign in to your account and select 'Account Profile'.
Store: share your point phone number and ask the staff to support you check.
Hotline: call customer service hotline 19003038 for support.
Will someone else use my membership card?
As per the regulations for using ACFC Vip/Member Cards, you can't use the card to collect points or enjoy benefits if you're not the cardholder or not present when buying.
Please use your card correctly to secure your rights and don't give your account information to anyone else.
Can my card go abroad with points?
Vip/Member cards from ACFC only work for points at ACFC stores in Vietnam, not outside the country.
Another problem?
For further information, please call 19003038 (1.000 VND/minute) or email cskh@acfc.com.vn.

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